Sunday, November 16, 2008

2 Character Dialogue Shot for Class 4

This is the last pass I did for class 4. I'm not totally satisfied with it, because I felt that there was a better way to cut the shots to flow better.


Sandy Sze said...

Hey! Finally you have this piece up. Love it Love it Love it! it's soooo well done i can watch it 200 times and still Love it!

So how's Blue Sky treating ya? Will you come back to AM next term did u say?


Half-elf said...

Oh wow, amazing! amazing..

Baseball!.. Baseball?.....

Mario Reitbauer said...

Brilliant work Tyler !

greetings, Mario

Saeed said...

Hey Tyler,
today were talking about your shots in the Q&A,
and i can see one of your shots made it to student showcase as well

very well done Tyler,

keep up the great work